First Post


For my first post I’d like to introduce myself: my name is Diana and I’m the writer of the main story featured on this blog, The Council. Ineffable Oblivion is my personal blog which I named like that because of a very special reason that’ll reveal later! I live in Canada, but I’m Romanian. I speak Romanian, English, French and Spanish.

I like the dark, rain, thunder, the Moon, the Earth, food, sleep, fiction and talking to myself. I often say I dislike people (but I’m secretly a very caring person). I’m an introvert. I tend to appear as a very balanced person but it’s not always the case. I believe time doesn’t exist and have that sort of weird belief towards the ancient gods. Also very important to say that aliens do exist. It is a fact.

I’m a very contradictory person so don’t expect me to make sense all the time. 

Facts about myself

First name: Diana (I actually have two first names but let’s go with this onenso people don’t ask me to repeat my name 5 times)

Age: It’s a secret

Nationality: Romanian

Residency: Canada

Languages spoken and written: Romanian, English, French, Spanish (I totally am out of practice for this last one. I can understand 85% of what you’re saying but something else when it comes to talking myself.)

Biggest quality: … ? Imagination?

Biggest default: Don’t piss me off.

Biggest skill: Hiding! And imagining.

Lowest skill: Let’s not even talk about my physical abilities.

(Out of good ideas according to brain, might be updated if people ask questions!)


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