Why Ineffable Oblivion?

I chose the name Ineffable Oblivion for my blog because…

(See home page for definitions)

Ineffable: I have a hard time expressing what I feel or simply to explain something. You could ask me “How’s the weather today?” and I’ll have a hard time explaining. I just don’t feel comfortable describing something in one single word, so I’ll carefully think about that word or get lost in explanation. I’m also the type of person that thinks feelings are undescriptible with words so I’m really bad at that too. I am equally pretty sure I’ll end up posting about something that people just don’t talk about, so I just thought the word was perfect to describe both those things.

Oblivion: I always thought this was a strong and powerful word so it immediately came up as a suggestion. I chose it to symbolize the fact that we humans are so ignorant and unaware of our Universe even if we pretend to know a lot. Personally, I also chose the word because I am often unaware of my surroundings, I forget what is happening, where I am, because I get lost in my thoughts and fictive worlds. But I also chose it because, as a human, I have my bad times and the most important part of my life that helped me define myself was a period of complete and total psychological destruction which even affected my physical body. I thought it was important, especially for a personal blog.

Blog names that almost made it: Sempiternal Oblivion, Sempiternal Penumbra. (I might explain those one day if somebody is interested.)


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