Planet names in our solar system and their mythological significance

In relation to my last post about my sudden magical revelation, I thought it would be nice to actually post about my whole little “research”. In parenthesis is the name of the Greek mythology equivalent.

  • Mercury (Hermes) : messenger of the gods, god of the tradesmen and thieves
  • Venus (Aphrodite): goddess of beauty and love
  • Earth* (Gaïa): Mother Earth
  • Mars (Ares): god of war
  • Saturn (Kronos/Cronos): god of wealth, agriculture, liberation and time
  • Jupiter (Zeus): god-father, supreme deity
  • Uranus (Ouranos): god of the skies and heavens
  • Neptune (Poseidon): god of the sea
  • Pluto (Hades): god of the underworld, wealth and riches (although Pluto is a dwarf planet now I still put it there because… Because.)

To be continued since according to some myths there seems to be two other planets in our solar system!

*Earth is the name we gave to our planet but Gaïa has the same name in Roman and Greek mythology


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