I don’t get it.

WARNING! Content my offend you. Critic of the Bible.

So it says that…
“Lucifer was successful in his effort to incite rebellion. He promised them a new and better government than they then had, in which all would be freedom.”

Isn’t that what the United States did when they rebelled against Great Britain?  Satan demanded freedom and equal rights. His story has obviously been misjudged. Think about it, he punishes you when you’re bad, he gives you a place to stay when God doesn’t want to know anything about you, he’ll make you’re wildest wishes come true if you make him a favour and keep him company after your death, not to mention that if you’re able to overcome your greatest weakness, he’ll not even demand that favour. He wants you to become a better person and yet… He’s bad!

God… He’s all wisdom and love… But if ever you make a very stupid mistake and you “sin”… He’ll send you to rot in a place and your only hope is to be accepted in hell. Talk about love.

I don’t get it. The Bible doesn’t make sense.


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