My current writing stats

I have never thought about the fact that this might actually be interesting. It is for me. I would like to know someones writing stats! ‘Writing stats…’

Basically, here are all my current stories that I do not have the courage to post because most of them have the exact same two main characters that I keep on recycling over and over. Sure, the stories don’t always go the same way so the characters do not develop the same way but eh… Still. Point is: I have not stopped writing! I am currently reviewing those stories. My current project is actually rewriting one of them completely because… Sh** happenned as in I totally forgot where I was going with it (one of my chronic problems in writing because I don’t plan, but now I actually planned this rewriting).

So here are my… (By now I realized how unuseful this post is but I still want to share this with you because I am pretty proud of myself!) … stats

[Title of the story: number of words, number of pages in Microsoft Word]

If the titles have * after them, it means this story does not contain those ‘constantly recycled main characters’. If the stats have (F) after them, it means this story is written in french.

Actively working on…

  • Destroyer: 25 317 words, 56 pages
  • Death’s Kiss: Actually I lost this one… But… Currently planning it!

Not actively working on…

  • Controllers: 21 965 words, 55 pages
  • [Untitled]: 2 449 words, 5 pages
  • [Untitled #2]: 6750 words, 15 pages
  • [Untitled #3]: 5 200 words, 13 pages (previously titled but it was a lame title)
  • The Council*: 1031 words, 3 pages

Stopped working on…

  • [Untitled #4]*: 2 529 words, 5 pages (F)
  • Dreams*: 5454 words, 13 pages (F)


  • Hauss Attack*: 16 859 words, 51 pages (the font used and the size of it was pretty big) (F)


NOW! Why do I feel so proud about those pretty lame stats? Well… I usually write short stories around 500 words… I actually have written a bunch of them! Anyway, 5000 words is a LOT for me! Also, as you can see, I love those recycled main characters a lot.


I miiiiiiight post the summaries of some stories listed here.


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