When love turns to hate (Part 1)

To come to hate someone you have loved for a long time is something quite unbelievable. 
Back in the days when your loved ones actually payed attention to you, the thought of losing them at the hands of hate was unimaginable. Back in those days, you all needed eachother and you vowed to never let anybody down. But it was a lie. One huge lie. 
They all used you to proclaim themselves “friends”, to forget how lonely they were in this world, to reach their goals, goals you wouldn’t even have dreamed about in your worst nightmares, yet you, stupid you, you cared for them and you really loved them from the bottom of your heart. 
Who could have known all this love could be turned into hate in a matter of mere months, nothing to compare to the years of friendship you all have with eachother? Who could have known it would be because they would do the thing they vowed to never do: let you down. 
After all you’ve been through together? Yes, after all you’ve been through together.


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