The way he makes me feel

The way he makes me feel is something I have never experienced before.

I’ve mastered many feelings and emotions, but this one is rather tricky to grasp. It’s like a mutant virus that is as persistent as a cancer. It keeps on changing and adapting to everything I throw its way. It grows on me, its roots getting deeper and deeper, grasping every last one of my cells in its path.  It spreads like wildfire and burns me without mercy. It squeezes my heart harder and harder like it’s trying to make every last drop of blood pour out of it. It crushes every last inch of my lungs and creeps at my throat.  It sends chills down my spine and makes me shake like the most violent of earthquakes, but in the same time I feel like even the absolute zero won’t stop the lava flowing in my veins from boiling. It hinders my movement to the point I think I may be made of stone.  It makes salted rain fall on my cheeks; cheeks part of a face that has adopted the color of snow. It makes my eyes open wide like they can’t believe what they are seeing and when they can’t take it anymore, they seal shut.

The way he makes me feel creates a silent hurricane in my head.

The way he makes me feel takes me out of reality and drowns me into sheer terror.


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