One day you’ll miss me

One day, you’ll miss me.

You’ll lie in bed after a long day and stare at your phone thinking how it’d be great if you could talk to me right now and you’ll wake up the next day and beg to wake up to one of my annoying texts. You’ll look up at the sky every rainy day and starry night and remember how I used to tell you how much I love those and how I’m not there now to repeat it again. You’ll get yourself in trouble and think it’s okay because I’ll be there only to realise I won’t be solving your problems anymore. I won’t even listen to them. You’ll get shivers at the memory of how cold I was when I left you, after all that warmth I gave you. Your heart will ache when you think of me and your hand will reach for your shirt and pull on it. You’ll want to rip your heart apart after it’s empty of my love. You’ll find yourself staring in the distance and expect me to pop out from behind the corner with a smile, but I’ll never come.

I’ll never come back again to you.


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